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There are several advantages and disadvantages with regards to motivation in online education. It is the most convenient way to pursue a degree in higher education for many students. A lot of them are attracted to a flexible, self-paced method of education to attain their degree. It is important to note that a big part of these students could be working their way through college, supporting themselves or battling with serious illness. It would be extremely difficult for all these students to find time to fit college in their schedule. These students, thus, are more likely and more motivated to enroll in a class with online education. In asynchronous e-learning classes, moreover, students are free to log on and complete work any time they wish. They can both complete their assignments and work at the times when they think most cogently, whether it be early in the morning or late at night. This allows students to have enough free time for both working and studying.

     Many teachers however have a harder time keeping their students engaged in an e-learning class. Usually a disengaged student is a motivated student. The fact that the lack of face-to-face contact makes it difficult for teachers to read their students’ nonverbal cues, including confusion, frustration or boredom is one of the reasons why students are more likely to be disengaged. All the cues are helpful to a teacher in deciding if to speed up, introduce new material, slow down or explain a concept in a different way. Student is unlikely to be motivated to succeed in this class in case he or she is frustrated, bored or confused. Some of the key advantages of education online include such things as improved open access to education, including access to full degree programs and better integration for non-full-time students, particularly in continuing education. Provision of tools to enable students to independently solve problems and improved interactions between students and instructors are two other key advantages of online education. In our days this method of studying is available in almost all colleges and universities not only in USA but also in many European countries.

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